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Deconstructing ADHD

Designed for parents of children who have suspected or diagnosed ADHD, or similar neurodivergent characteristics, these free 45-minute sessions offer a weekly opportunity to learn and discuss parenting challenges in a non-judgemental environment.

All sessions are completely free, and you can join as many as you wish. Each week, 25-30 minutes will be dedicated to a new topic, with 15-20 interactive minutes dedicated to Q&A, where any parent can meet (virtually), share (if you want) and hear from other parents on similar journeys.

We will explore different positive psychology approaches and practical strategies to promote parenting self-efficacy, enhance wellbeing and encourage harmonious households.

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Free Lunch-n-Learn Sessions

Every Wednesday on Zoom at 1.00 pm


Avoiding the Parent Trap: A Therapeutic Parenting Style for Working Mums

Feeling overwhelmed and struggling to keep your cool? We've got you covered! Learn powerful positive psychology techniques to regulate your emotions and respond calmly to your child's behaviour. This six-week empowerment master series helps working mums to create a more balanced, calmer, happier family life.